Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Chemical Reactions - Making Sherbet!

Today in Writing Interchange we got to make sherbet! We learnt that when you mix an acid with a base it creates a chemical reaction.  In the sherbet we made, the citric acid reacted to the baking soda to create fizzing bubbles of carbon dioxide when we put it on our wet tongues. It was both fun and delicious. Afterwards, we described our experience using interesting adjectives and similes. Here is some of our writing...

"As I sat at my green desk, there was joy in the beautiful sherbet. The flavour was strawberry. As I pinched some, it started to make its way back down into the ribbon design cup like we're at the fair.  As I took a big sniff...Arrr! It went up my nose! I guess I will sniff a little softer..." - Lyric

"I sat excitedly at a desk. A cup of something sat in front of me. It looked like pink sand. When I picked up the cup it crinkled I was scared it was going to spill. I smelled it. Some went whooshing up my nose!  It hurt.  I tasted it.  It tasted sour and sweet and yum."  - Sharn

"A tiny mountain of greatness and goodness sat on my desk. It was cotton candy coloured because it had pink raspberry jelly crystals in it. It was like tiny rocks in a mini cupcake..."  - Savannah P

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